Dim Sum Buffet @ Yum Cha, Sg

Blog , Featured , Food Reviews // 21.06.2010

Went for another round of dim sum last week, this time to Singapore Chinatown’s Yum Cha restaurant . Their buffet costs $19.80++ per pax and starts from 3pm till 6pm (only on weekdays). The food comes out in push carts and u can order as much as you like… basically all you can stomach :D The price has increased (used to be $18.80++) since the last time we were there (last year) but service has vastly improved.

High on my fav list of artery-blocking dimsum is this – fried carrot cake… and they do a respectable version of it. Crispy on the outside, flavourful and moist inside without too much oil oozing from it.

Siew Mai (prawn + pork dumplings) was good and of a decent size, with juicy meat and crunchy prawns inside.

Har Kao (prawn dumplings) on the left had a thicker skin than I prefer and the filling did not impress. The meat and chives dumpling on the right tasted ok to me, but I feel they overdosed on chives >.<

Pai Kuat (steamed pork ribs with yam) was surprisingly good, and the yam complimented the dish very well.

This Fong Jao (steamed chicken feet) is not something I eat often and I gave it a miss this time. But the rest of them thought it was fab so it must be.

Fried tofu skin wrapped with prawns and fish paste – as it is fried, it can only be sinfully yummy LOL

Fried wontons – I gave this a miss too, coz it seemed pretty hard. No feedback from the others so i guess it was mediocre.

When I had the fried prawn + mango roll during our last trip here, it was delicious. However this time it was below my expectations, maybe because it was not piping hot? *not sure*

Hor yip fan (glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf) on the left was very filling, but yummy. The double-boiled soup on the right was delicious. Make sure you request for it coz it’s not on the push carts and they only provide 1 for each guest.

They have a selection of porridge too and we tried their lean meat with century egg (pic on the left). The Hong Kong chee cheong fun (steamed rice rolls) on the right comes in 2 types – char siew (bbq meat) or prawn. Nothing special about both.

I liked both the desserts here – left: honey and lemongrass jelly with fruits and on the right: mango pudding. But if I had to choose only 1, i’ll take the lemongrass jelly again because it was not too sweet and had lemon in it, giving it a nice tangy taste.

There were loads of other stuff – pao, egg tart, wu kok (fried yam dumplings), thai-style fried chicken, different types of steamed dumplings etc etc. Too bad we were stuffed and couldn’t try any more. All in all, I’d say it’s a good place to stuff ur face with dimsum but I wished they hadn’t increased their price.

Address: Yum Cha Chinatown – 20 Trengganu Street (Off Temple Street), #02-01 (Chinatown) Singapore 058479
Tel: 6372 1717
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri: 11am – 11pm, Sat, Sun & Public Holidays: 9am – 11pm

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