Dim Sum @ Imbi Palace, KL

Blog , Food Reviews // 10.03.2010

Calling a restaurant a palace… well, that just raised my expectations up a notch. Certainly, their prices are on the “palace” side LOL though in terms of exclusivity and deco, Noble House (a mere house) is still much better.

We ended up there during CNY coz my parents wanted to treat us to a last dim sum brunch before sis had to go back to fish & chips and me to white hokkein mee land >.<

Their har kao (prawn dumplings) were done alright.

Siew Loong Pao was respectable…

with lots of “soup” in the siew loong pao, though the meat needed a bit more seasoning

Pan-fried carrot cake was flavourful.

And for the first time I encountered “hou si” (dried oyster) in siew mai (prawn + pork dumplings). I absolutely hated it!

Fried prawn + mango roll was a let-down too. It was dry, bland and uninteresting (so boring even my pic is blur LOL)

Overall, I’d say it was alright though I wished they did proper siew mai (an essential item for dim sum).

Address: Imbi Palace Restaurant – No. 8, Jalan Barat, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 KL.
Tel: 03-2145 4822

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