Dim Sum @ Restoran Gim Cheng, JB

Blog , Food Reviews // 12.10.2010

Sweet sauce is a must-have for me when eating Dim Sum. The yum cha places in Singapore, JB, and even Melbourne lacks this very essential dipping sauce. DH refuses to go anywhere else except to this place whenever we want our dose of dim sum in JB.

The restaurant occupies a corner shoplot
Siew Mai – prawn and pork dumplings
The siew mai here is respectably done. No huge prawns in it like those from big restaurants but it does have a fine taste to it.
Har Kau – prawn dumplings
Somehow the small corner dimsum places like these never seem to perfect the skins for their har kau, and this place is no different. But the filling had satisfyingly crunchy prawns in it, so I suppose it makes up for the rather soggy skin.
Fu Pei Guin – Pork wrapped in tofu skin with sweet and sour sauce
Perfect. The sauce was amazingly good and the tofu skin was crispy and gave my tastebuds a treat. DH loved it so much he dipped all the other dim sums in the leftover sauce >.<
Crispy salad prawn dim sum
I wasn’t impressed by this. Yes, the prawns were crunchy and all but the taste of the filling just isn’t up to par. *sigh*
Char Siew Pau – Buns with pork filling
The size of the char siew pau is slightly bigger than those sold in Singapore, yet not quite as big as those I’m used to from KL. The pau was fluffy, the filling was good though I wish there was more filling per pau, but it was only RM1 each so I won’t complain too much.
Seafood dumpling – consisting of a mixture of prawn meat, crab meat etc.
We had no real idea of the full contents of this dumpling but it tasted quite good as well.

They also serve very good hong kong chee cheong fun (it was sold out that day), and also great fried glutinous rice. I guess this place can be best described as your neighbourhood yum cha place, where you can dress down, relax and enjoy a delicious breakfast on a lazy sunday morning. Oh yes, if you want sweet sauce, you’ll have to ask for it and they’ll bring it out from the fridge.

Address: Restoran Gim Cheng, Jalan Sagu 36, Taman Daya.

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