Escape to PD

Blog , holiday // 22.11.2010

I truly couldn’t remember when we last had a family trip anywhere.

Luckily, sis and her hubby rectified that problem by booking a few of the water chalets at Avillion, Port Dickson for all of us. We just had to arrive there with relaxation in mind, and anticipate the yummy seafood dinner we’d be having that night and the all-u-can-stuff-ur-face-with breakfast buffet the next morning. *hip hip hooray*

Their water chalets are truly an “experience”. Built out into the sea, with open air showers (which drew loads of jokes – fancy getting hit by bird poo or struck by lightning? :D) and the ever-present threat of being attacked by swarms of sandflies… I have to say I’ll do it once, and never again. Well, maybe if they refurbish then I may consider another stay cause the room I had stayed in was pretty run down.

On the good side, I loved the surroundings with its beautifully landscaped gardens, its petting zoo, tongkat ali plants grown next to stern “do-not-touch” warning signs, deck chairs situated at every vantage point, heated adult pool that’s open 24 hours just in case you’d like a spot of skinny dipping at 4am in the morning etc etc.

The scariest thing was during the night when rain lashed at the windowpanes and waves smashed against the pilings of the little huts. I never learnt how to swim. It was terrifying. But by morning, at the buffet spread, I’ve cheered up. Buffets do that to me all the time :D Best thing I liked was the nasi lemak and roti canai served.

It was great spending time with family and I do miss them loads. Till the next time then!

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