Restoran Chardin Sea View Seafood Village @ Port Dickson, NS

Blog , Featured , Food Reviews // 23.11.2010

The family spent a night in PD so this was the place recommended for dinner. I was looking forward to having loads of fresh prawns and crabs but what greeted me when I entered the restaurant was Geoduck…

Geoduck on the left, Lobsters on the right
Not at all an appetising sight… (and I’m not talking about the lobsters here). We couldnt resist but make funny faces at the Geoduck thingy and cam-whore there before making our way to our seats.

Decisions were easily made for they provided set menus ranging from RM300 onwards. For 8 of us, they recommended the RM300 set menu which consisted of 7 dishes and a fruit platter. Since it was Monday evening, there wasn’t much of a crowd so the food arrived promptly.

Assam Fish
I loved it, the meat was sweet and juicy, and paired with the slightly spicy and tangy sauce, it was a match made in heaven.
Butter Prawns
Not your typical butter prawn for the sauce is runny. But i have to say, the prawns were fresh and it made up for the slightly different cooking style.
Fried Sotong
These were small little sotongs that packed a nice crunch. Tasty.
Chilli Crab
This made my day. The crab was fresh and juicy. Two thumbs up!
Fried Rice
The set also came with a mountain of fried rice.
The essential dish of vegetables. Nice and crunchy.

We also had lemon chicken (which I forgot to take a picture of as I was busy tearing into the prawns) >.< and a dessert of fresh watermelon and honeydew slices. We also ordered additional fried buns to go with the chilli crab, some fresh coconuts and a few bowls of extra rice... sis and her hubby was really hungry for carbs that day LOL. With all the extras, the bill came to a total of approximately RM370. I'll consider it reasonably priced, for all of us left the table stuffed to the gills and with happy grins on our faces.

Restoran Chardin Seaview Sdn Bhd
Address: Batu 1, Jalan Seremban, 7100, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan
Tel : 06-6474569/6475188
Hp : 019 – 3671465/0126018822

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  • Cyndi_sy

    Hi… i was browsing through ur blog on this Chardine Seaview restaurant… is it nice? I’m looking for a nice restaurant to go during my trip to PD… i saw you have blog on hau kee seafood restaurant that i like to go often… so just want to check with you how was the taste of the food in Chardine? Is it comparable tp Hau Kee?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Cyndi,
    I found it to be pretty decent, definitely not up to the Hau Kee standard of course. But so far I can’t find anything that’s as good as Hau Kee. Anyway, it’s a cool place to have dinner, plus i find the price to be decent enough – no “cut throat” touristy thingy, with prices all stated up-front.