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We went to 313@Somerset for some seriously famous japanese curry during JY’s birthday. CoCoICHIBANYA has been in business since January 1978 and now have more than 1200 restaurants worldwide! They opened their first store in Singapore at the basement floor of 313@Somerset and we had to go and check it out. Besides, it was wonderful to have some stress relief after a tough couple of weeks at work!

The shop wasn’t impressive – nothing jumped out and said *special*. However on opening the menu, their marketing strategy was revealed. Anything and everything can be customised – from the amount of rice (250g is the standard) to the spiciness of the curry (level 0 to level 5) to customisable toppings for your curry (like corn, egg, bacon etc.) It was a novel experience and we had fun challenging each other to order the highest level of spiciness for the curry.

In the end I settled for a Pork Cutlet curry with Cheese, with the standard amount of rice and level 4 spiciness. I always find Japanese curry lacking that *spicy kick* so I was hoping that a hotter curry would satisfy my tastebuds. Nobody in my group wanted to try level 5. Only the two Malaysians (SJ and me) ordered level 4.

Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet) Curry Rice with Cheese
Here’s my curry. They were really generous with the amount of curry sauce and I loved it. However I wished they had an option to put in a raw egg (like those we had in Tokyo) for it would really make the dish much much better. The menu has an omelette curry rice option but the dishes there are non-customisable so it wasn’t as “fun” to order.
Curry Rice with optional toppings
Additional toppings like corn, cheese, spinach and even clam comes in little dishes for you to pour onto your rice.
Sausage + Curry Rice
This is another variation of the curry. They have seafood curries as well as vegetable curries etc. There’s something there for everyone!

I thought that Level 4 spiciness was just right for me, though my Singaporean colleagues say that Level 2 is hot enough. Besides, there’s a bottle of spice there that you can add to your curry if you think it is lacking *oommmpphh*. So when in doubt, order the milder curry, then add more spices later. By the way, I found that 250g of rice was way too much for me so the next time I go, I will get the 150g of rice (with a $1 discount!). For the big eaters, each additional 100g of rice will cost you an extra $1.50.

Any excuse to have a good meal

Even writing this post now is making me salivate. Oh when will we have another excuse to go eat curry?

Address: 313 Orchard Road, #B3-25/27 313 @ Somerset, Singapore
Tel: +65 6636 7280

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