Casa Verde @ Gardens By The Bay

Blog , Food Reviews , Work // 03.12.2012

Our year-long project setting up multimedia installations in Gardens by the Bay came to a close and we had a party to celebrate that fact! Held at Casa Verde at Supertree Dining, we enjoyed pasta, pizza, burgers and the like under the shade of the Supertrees.

Deep Fried Calamari
Crispy on the outside and chewy without being rubbery on the inside, you can never go wrong with this. The tangy dip was a good match too.
Prosciutto Di Parma Salsa Rosa
I was attracted to this mainly because of the name. It was nothing fantastic really, prosciutto (italian bacon) in a normal tomato sauce mix with a touch of cream. I can cook a better version of this any time.
Penne cooked in a light tomato and garlic sauce. My colleague BL quite like it.
WK polished this off in no time at all. Then remarked that it was good, and that she liked the mussels.
Fish & Chips
JY mentioned that this was good. I mean, there’s very little that can fail if you order fish and chips!
CV Burger – Bacon Mushroom and Cheese
We joked about *CV* – curriculum vitae? As their most expensive burger, it was huge, but the taste didn’t meet my colleague KS’s high expectations.
Italian Sodas
Great thirst-quenchers after a hot sweaty day out in the gardens. I liked the peach soda best.

We also ordered a pizza and it was respectable. All in all, the prices were on the high side for food that is overall rated *OK*. At least we had a whacky time chilling out under those trees.

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