Featured , Work // 08.10.2012
lugging our luggage up the slope. our final destination? that HDB jungle on the horizon

The EXPO town is the accommodation facility for family members of the Expo staff. It can accommodate up to 6,600 people (1,800 foreigners and 4,800 Koreans) in 1,442 units, and features a wide range of facilities, including a health clinic, business center, security center, public laundry, beauty shops, convenience stores, religious facilities, and more.

Since the EXPO hasn’t started yet, the only people staying here were the foreign crews working on their country’s pavilions. It’s really spooky at night and was so quiet our programmer WL had to sleep with the fan on (at 6 degrees celcius) just so there’s some noise.

The Foyer
Living Room
living + kitchen area
my bedroom

I was expecting to rough it out with the boys so I was pleasantly surprised that I got my own private bedroom. In total there were 3 small rooms and one master bedroom with two single beds. Very comfortable indeed!

the view from my balcony

We were shown on arrival how to cut through different buildings to reach the main entrance but as you can see, the condos are built on uneven ground with some higher than others. Therefore, what is B2 here may be Level5 there. It took some getting used to (and a lot of getting lost) before we were able to navigate from where we were to the main entrance and back.

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