Goodbye Seoul, Hello Yeosu!

Blog , Featured , Work // 10.07.2012

In order to get to our final destination, we had to take a train from Yongsan Station to Yeosu Expo Station. It takes roughly 3 and a half hours, just great for an afternoon nap after that heavy lunch. This time, I found it harder to sleep than on the bus because the seats were not as comfortable.

Pulling out of the railway station

The train I was on seemed to be pretty new, and very clean. The toilet was this space-aged cabin with automatic doors and new-fangled gadgets. *impressed* They also proclaimed to have WIFI on the train, but sadly we were unable to understand their instructions on how to log on :(

Once again, I was struck by how similar their housing is to Singapore’s HDB flats!

The Countryside

Before long, we were deep in rural area territory as we passed by farm after farm after farm after farm.

A beautiful train station!

The scenery got better and better as we got closer to the coast, and Yeosu. I wished desperately that I was driving along that sakura tree-lined road. It would have been so so romantic!

we have arrived!

We were greeted by a strong cold wind on the platform of Yeosu Expo Station. We are here! AT LAST! Now, when are we having dinner? :D

Yeosu Expo Station – still under construction

Not yet, it seems. We were greeted at the platform by familiar faces from Pico and made our way out of the station to the giant construction site that is the Yeosu Expo. Less than a month from opening day, and construction is still on going everywhere we looked!

Trekking to our accommodation

Our accommodation is in the Yeosu Expo Town. We lugged our luggage on roads that were still being tarred, our destination? A concrete HDB jungle located on top of a hill, our home for the next 8 days.

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