Hollys Coffee @ Seoul, South Korea

Blog , Work // 01.06.2012

So there we were, 5 lost souls stuck in Yongsan Station with hours to kill. Naturally, it was time for a caffeine boost so we wandered into this place called Hollys Coffee. We chose it because we can park our luggage outside without having random people trip over it, killing themselves in the process. The glass panes also lets us watch over our luggage from sticky fingers… though who would want to steal poster banners is beyond me.

Some random information on Hollys Coffee – there’s a store in KL at Cineleisure Damansara! It is also featured extensively in the k-drama “rooftop prince”! But the best thing is, I have never heard of it before this LOL

So what should i get? The most unusual drink from that establishment, of course.

Sweet potato latte was something I’ve never had before. It’s not even something I would think of putting into the menu of a coffee joint. So, with much anticipation, I ordered the drink. And… frankly, its nothing special. More like the food my LO would eat. They blend sweet potato with milk and ice. TADAAA… For 5500 Korean won (around SGD6), it’s very expensive baby food >.<

I should have gotten coffee instead, but I had downed a super large cup of latte at Coffee Bean before boarding the plane and i was still feeling wired. Anyway, my curiosity was at least satisfied, eventhough my tastebuds weren’t.

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