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Blog , Featured , Work // 16.05.2012

I was part of a team of 5 making our way to Yeosu, South Korea to set up some installations at the Singapore Pavilion which is part of Yeosu Expo 2012. It was my first time flying Korean Air, as well as my first time to South Korea. I wasn’t too excited since I had some reservations about their food – kimchi to be exact. A whole truckload of reservations. Kimchi… *hmmm*

It was a night flight and since I couldn’t sleep on the plane because the seats were too upright, I had to while away 6 hours plus of absolute torture. Thank goodness for the entertainment console and it’s hidden gems of comedic copywriting. There’s no need to point out the fact that there’s no pandas here, we all know this is about Korea and not China! LOL

There were more female than male air stewards here (not like MAS, which is overrun with extremely well-groomed men). All of them were very slim, and most of them were pretty. The cynic in me kept wondering about the amount of plastic surgery needed to achieve that kind of perfection. Oh, and the thick layer of make-up helped too, I guess. Make-up’s cheap in Korea, or so I heard. Yes, I was rude but I can’t sleep anyway, so why not people watch?

By the way, in case you’re wondering what this crazy caffeinated insomniac doll was doing in Yeosu, you can check out the Singapore Pavilion website for more info. We were involved in Gallery 1′s 3D projection mapping show, as well as 5 more interactive installations throughout the gallery – cycling through Singapore, kite flying, pepper’s ghost display etc.

I’m so excited because there are people blogging about our work! More is being featured in Korean News too! And here… Too bad it’s in Korean. Anybody knows how to translate this?

More blogs coming in with comments! *wow*
Another korean blogger :D

Here’s one on Channel News Asia!

Finally a review in english!

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  • Jessie Goh

    was it the augmented reality project? 

  • caffeinedoll

    yupz. will upload pics and vids on the project once i have time :D it was a very good learning experience.