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The little one has passed the first year mark! Time has passed as if on wings. Looking back at all the pictures and videos of my LO has made me sigh in wonder at her growth and development. Lifts head up at 2 months, first tooth at 5 months, sits at 6 months, crawling by 7 months, stands with support by 8 and walking by 10 months. Now she’s toddling around the house screaming in joy when we play games, protests with a resounding NO! when she refuses something and GO, GO, GO! when she wants to go out. *grins* at the recollection. Well, I’m not one for birthday celebrations but it was her first ever, so we had a small do at the chinese restaurant Noble House in KL with our immediate family members.

It was crazy time for me at work, so I could not put in the amount of time I needed to plan for her birthday. We travelled back to KL on Friday night with me lugging an alienware laptop (plus a case of severe sleep deprivation) so that I can continue working. In the end, after sacrificing more sleep plus loads of prep by my mom, I managed to bake LJY a cake and 2 trays of cupcakes. We started baking at 9pm at night and it went on until 1am in the morning. Oh the amazing things we do for our kids! >.<

I baked in my mom’s place because the kitchen was the most equipped for baking. As I have mentioned before, my mom taught me how to bake so we have all sorts of gadgets imaginable. However, so many things happened that night itself that made me wonder if the man upstairs was putting my stubbornness to the test.

First off, the Kenwood mixer my mom owns is getting along in years and it started emitting a burnt smell after some vigorous use.

This slowed me down tremendously as I had to keep “resting” the machine so it doesn’t overheat and implode on itself.

We had 3 ovens in the kitchen – a built-in and two microwave ovens.

I went to on the built-in oven like how I usually do but it gave out no response.


After 15 minutes of fiddling with switches here and there, I managed to make it work *breathes a sigh of relief*. However, after the cupcakes were done and I was just about to do the main cake, the built-in oven died on me and no amount of ER could resuscitate that thing. So I was left with two ovens, and a longer baking time. Drats.

So there I was wondering to myself,”What more can go wrong now?”
The electricity died.

No shit.
Someone really don’t want cake tomorrow.

Went out to check and found that the electricity had only tripped. *whew*
On with the show!

I had a rough idea what I wanted the cupcakes to look like but had absolutely no idea how to do the main cake. After some quick improvising I decided to do 4 layers of sponge cake and at around 11.30pm, I could see the light as I started to assemble the main cake.

I had planned to drown the cupcakes and the main cake in cream cheese frosting but I miscalculated the amount and I did not have enough!

*face palm*

Mom came to the rescue by making a sandwich filling from cheddar cheese, condensed milk and butter. Then I made some royal icing to be used for half the cupcakes and as a “filler” for the main cake. Thank goodness we always keep spare ingredients around so we can bake on a whim.

Cupcake toppers really can transform an average-looking cupcake into a smashing one. I truly recommend this to anyone who would want to add some festive cheer to their cakes without having to struggle with fondant icing. Fondant is also not very suitable for the humid weather here so these would work much better. I did my toppers based on the instructions I found here.

As for the main cake, I wanted a very clean look so all I did was cover it in icing and stuck a big-ass “1″ on it. The surprise only comes when you cut the cake and find an ombre effect created by slightly different tones in each layer of cake.

All-in-all, I had a very fun time as I got to bake together with my mom again. I really missed the times when me, my mom and sister worked all hours to get the chinese new year cookies ready. The kitchen was always humming with excitement and amazing smells. Baking was my stress relief and I find that even now it still is.

I plan to do this for my girl every year, and hopefully when she’s older she too will find comfort in a homey kitchen filled with love, laughter and lots and lots of cupcakes :D

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  • amelya

    wah… reading your story on baking for ur daughter b day was like reading a thrilling adventure. I was holding my breath when I got to the part that the electricity went off.
    Fortunately it ends with a happy ending :D
    My bunny’s 1st b day was only a last minute dinner with my mom n sis n hubby at the mall with no cake since it was so hectic :( looking back, I really regret it.
    Your story inspire me. I will prepare his 2nd b day properly so when he look at the pics one day, he will see a sweet memory.

  • caffeinedoll

    LOL it was crazy yes, but enjoyable. You really should do something for Marc, even a small cupcake will be memorable! My mom baked me a grand piano shaped cake during my 3rd birthday, so I guess i’m just continuing the tradition :D