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Featured , Work // 30.11.2012

It was truly a privilege to have been part of the team that provided interactive content for Singapore’s Pavilion at the Yeosu World Expo. As it was the first time we’ve ever done 3D projection mapping on such a large scale, I was quite overwhelmed – excited yet worried that things would not come together as planned. It was also the first time I’ve ever been to a World Expo, my first time in Korea, and my first time being away from my LO for any length of time. Now that’s a lot of firsts!

Custom-sculpted 3D-cube wall
We designed the wall and had it custom-built by the good guys at Pico. When we arrived to view the site, they were still completing the finishing touches. It was truly *rush rush rush* all the way.
Paradox-ity: The Immersive Introduction
So, this is the end result – The main show that summarises the entire storyline of the pavilion.

Besides this large projection, we also completed 5 smaller installations for the pavilion, so here I’m going to document some of the behind-the-scenes look at our production. Check out Multimedia People for more info.

Exterior of the Singapore Pavilion
By the time we arrived, it was only about a month left before the opening. The exterior was almost done, save for a few minor touches. The posters and stickers for the interior (which we had to lug there) was also being put up. It was time for us to begin our work.
Setting up our equipment
There was dust dust dust everywhere. It got into our noses, it got into our computer, the projectors and it formed a thick layer over everything. It was uncomfortable, but we had to push on. We had electricity, but it was still from generators. The main line could only be connected the next day, and we had to give them precious hours to get that done.

I do so love installations! :D

Our computer screen, projected onto the irregular surface
We used two projectors for the job, with the help of the guys at Perfectus. Once the equipment was set-up, we proceeded to painstakingly map our video onto the multi-faceted screen.
Our Mad Mappers
And yes, it was freezing cold in spring :p
Grids & guides to help keep us sane
The green coloured squares are from the left projector, the blue coloured ones from the right.
The Crew
It took us a couple of days just to map the squares. At the very last minute, when everything was perfect, a construction crew accidentally shifted the right projector. *face palm moment* We learnt a bitter lesson, never ever hang the projectors. Make sure there is a stable ledge for it to sit on before starting anything.

So, after many many more hours, our hard work paid off.

As I mentioned previously, we had 5 more smaller exhibits in the “Small City, Big Dreams” gallery. Pedal a real bicycle and navigate through Singapore’s heritage district. Look out at a time-lapse skyline of Singapore through a simulated living room window made up of 4 HD videos. View a Pepper’s Ghost image of a violin maestro at play. Fly interactive kites or view a tilt-shift video presentation of daily life in Singapore.

You can check out Multimedia People for more info.

The Control Room and the crazies manning it
The wires to rule them all

This was a really fun project to work on, something different, exciting, challenging and ultimately rewarding. That’s exactly what I joined this industry for. New things everyday, all the time. It’s tough to keep up with the changes but the results makes it all worthwhile.

I’ll leave you with this clip showing just how we enjoy what we do :D

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