art & design , new media , Work // 27.04.2010

old technology, new techniques

Blog , Work // 06.02.2010

celebrating my birthday and the start of a new working year

Blog , holiday , Work // 25.01.2010

Company trip to Tokyo (part 1)

Blog , holiday , Work // 25.01.2010

Company trip to Tokyo (part 2)

Blog , Work // 20.10.2009

the launching of ion orchard @ sg

new media , Work // 09.10.2009

Yes, the long-awaited Troika Waterfall is up and running at ION Orchard! I just went to check it out. The reflective pieces are amazing! It’s all good. My boss filmed this time-lapse video of them setting it up. Here’s a closer view of the flipdots. Came in to office today and found a box of […]

Work // 08.10.2009

This was a quick video project (design and animation of graphics completed in roughly 1 day). The client wanted an idea conveyed, but the programmes were still being developed, so we had to use graphic animation to tell the story. Like IFD, it’s another collaborative project with pieces here and there from everyone. Super super […]

Blog , Work // 12.08.2009

perth tmr, cant work…

Work // 31.07.2009

Another fun outing (plus some work) at ION Art gallery. Marvelous job all round :D Doing some hard labour >.

Blog , Work // 30.07.2009

fish-eye lomo