I constantly feel like a displaced soul leading multiple lives. 5 days a week, I work as a new media designer in SG. Come weekends, I will morph into a mother, wife and domestic maid in MY.

I am a caffeine addict, chocoholic and experiential media nut. My mind wanders with an uncontrollable will of its own just to make my life more interesting. I am turned on by beautiful things and lines of well-written code. I also have a passion in baking which I don’t abuse (or else I’d get real fat from eating all those goodies) and a love of coffee which I am helpless to overcome.

My husband tells me that I’m a control freak, my colleagues call me a perfectionist of the highest order and my daughter just plain loves her mummy.

This is the place where I leave a record of my life with posts dating all the way back to 2004, a time when some people still thought that Yahoo was the internet.